Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 – Everything You Want To Know

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 was very first released on 10/12/16. So Here is everything you want to know about COC TH 11.

TH11 Guide (early)

Finally, after rushing for so long, you’re now at the final TH and time to catch up everything that you previously neglected. This will actually be a short guide because TH11 is very shallow on content offense-wise. Everything will be about upgrading the Grand Warden and maxing him asap.

In reality, having a lvl5-10 GW will give you almost all its benefits for a small fraction of his cost. Lvl20 does not offer much more than lvl10, but its nice to have him completely maxed so that you won’t grow used to him. Once you grown used to him, it will be harder to upgrade him afterwards.

TH11 is a very relaxing place if you had maxed all previous TH levels because upgrade times take far too long. If you’re an avid farmer, best to rush previous THs so that you won’t get bored with the grind. TH11 upgrades all take too long and you’ll be twiddling your thumbs for a long time.

As a new TH11, you will not be able to protect you loot well. In fact, no matter how maxed you are in TH11, you will never be able to protect your loot well. Maxing defenses previously will only make things worse because you will get <30% destruction on defenses and not get a shield. This will lead to multiple hits on defense so you will ultimately lose more loot. My recent TH11 suffered greatly from this because I was 75% maxed at TH10, losing 100-200k and getting no shield then losing another 300-450k, making losses much greater than if I had been 100% the first time.

Come into TH11, prepared with capped gold and capped elixir so that you can start many upgrades right away. I highly recommend having elixir in your treasury and collectors as well because the first day of TH11 is the hardest day of all.

You may consider buying the value pack as it makes it much easier to start the first day of TH11 and allows you to use your gold elsewhere.

Another thing, if you have 9mil gold (capped without the new storage levels), you can buy the USD$1 pack for 1mil extra gold. This extra gold can help you buy the CC upgrade (10mil) without upgrading your storages. Normally, you’ll need to upgrade all of your storages to accommodate 10mil to start the upgrade; but doing this will allow you to start that upgrade earlier.

This guide assumes that you have 5 builders.

First priority upgrade:

Grand Warden. Grand Warden. Grand Warden. Its so important that I have to say it 3 times. Keep him down and keep upgrading him, this will cost 8.5mil straight up.

Lab. You’ll want to start loons or bowlers, or whatever meta troop that exists immediately. So upgrading your lab crucial.

However, do note that your elixir storage cannot fit that much to start the upgrade immediately (unless you bought the TH11 value pack). It will cost a total of 14.5mil on the first day of TH11, so start farming your elixir now.

Do note that you will need to upgrade your grand warden again in 12 hrs, so your total elixir required on the first day itself is 17.5mil
Eagle. This is quite a strong defense if the attacker does not take it out fast, it punishes players who aren’t strong enough to defeat it.

New archer tower, cannon and wizard tower. Better get them started immediately, they give most defensive value with the least cost because of their low level. Upgrade till lvl7 cannon, lvl6 AT and lvl2 WT, where they’ll take more than a day to complete.

New walls. Use your remaining gold to build and upgrade all your walls, your gold is quite useless for now.

Clan castle. If you bought the TH11 value pack and the USD$1 pack, you can start your CC immediately, if not you’ll need to wait for this.

Grand warden. He will reach lvl2 in 12hrs after reaching TH11, so you will need another 3mil elixir to upgrade again.

New Xbow. If you have additional builders leftover (buying the value packs), then start the new Xbow. 50 additional dps for 7 days is quite good value.

All in all, the first few days of TH11 is the hardest because you need to upgrade lab and warden. This means you’ll need 14.5mil immediately and another 3mil after 12hrs in TH11. Luckily, TH11 is a breeze after this. Read about farming below if you want to know how to farm for your GW.

Second priority upgrades:

Grand warden. Keep him upgrading, you never want to see him awake until he’s maxed.

Gold storage. Upgrade them using 2 builders, you’ll have them maxed in 2 weeks time.

New xbow, now you should have the upgrade time to start this upgrade. Good value for cost, do it.

Work on the new AT, cannon and WT. Use 1 builder and slowly upgrade them one by one. With 1 builder on GW, 2 on storages and 1 on xbow, you cannot afford more builders on these 3 buildings.

Elixir storage. After finishing gold storages, start on these so that you can eventually store enough elixir for Grand Warden. Its a lower priority because only the last 5 levels of grand warden cost more than 9mil.

If you bought the CC using the value pack, you can choose to upgrade elixir storage first because you can start on balloon lvl7 upgrade earlier, which is an awesome upgrade.

Third priority upgrades:

Once you run out of things to upgrade in 2nd priority, move on here.

Grand warden. Yeap, just so you won’t forget, upgrade him. it takes 87.5 days to max him so I hope that you can manage to max him after stepping foot in TH11 for 87.5 days.
AQ. If your AQ is not lvl40 yet, it can be a good idea to upgrade her if you have excess DE. I recommend having lvl41 AQ nonetheless because lvl41 actually takes out many buildings with 1 less shot.

BK. If your AQ is lvl40, you can choose to work on BK instead. AQ is much more helpful for farming so you can keep her awake in the transition. But if you’re farming is excellent, upgrade all 3 heroes at once.

AT, cannon, WT, Xbow. Upgrade the new defenses you got until they’re the same level as your old ones. Then you can start working on defense.

Defense. Your warden will take much longer than everything else so use your remaining builders to upgrade defenses at any order you wish. I do recommend working on xbows, teslas and WT first though.


Determining what to upgrade in lab is quite difficult in TH11, because almost all lab upgrades do not impact much at all in TH11. The most important lab upgrade you need is the Grand Warden, and I’m sure you’re tired listening to me go on about him. But he is THAT crucial. Lvl2 bowlers have 310 hp, lvl3 bowlers have 350 hp but lvl2 bowlers + warden has 465 hp. Almost all your offensive upgrades are locked behind the Grand Warden, so it makes many lab upgrades sub-optimal.

Furthermore, SC likes to buff and nerf troops that impact greatly in TH11. What I say now might not be relevant with the next nerf/buff cycle. But here’s a tentative order of upgrades.

If you can buy the USD$1 pack and get 9.5mil elixir, start balloons whenever you can, if not follow the things below:

Bowlers > Hounds > Balloons > Giants/catch up on things you did not max

If you cannot afford balloons in the initial phase of the GW grind, do another DE upgrade like poison or minions and save up for GW and loons.


Upgrade walls as you get the resources. If you had rushed previous TH levels, consider having a free builder so that you can bypass the extremely long waiting times for upgrades and keep farming perpetually. If you had maxed walls previously, there’s no point in keeping a free builder.

There aren’t many walls in TH11, only costing 420mil or so to max the new 25 pieces and lvl12 walls. They should be very easy for the seasoned farmer.


Collector raiding is still very viable for a TH11. I highly recommend any new TH11 to collector raid at least for the first day of TH11 where you require 17.5mil of elixir. C2-M3 is a good range to find collectors and get your elixir.


Barch. You know your favorite barch comp already, do what you like. I like 80 barbs, 120 arch and rest wiz/min/wb

Laloonion. Much slower than barch but can score hits from clash of clans bases with collectors deep inside the base and many 400k bases in Master range. I recommend more hounds and hastes so that you don’t spend too much elixir on loons and rage. 3 hounds, 24 loons, 15 minions, cc hound or 4 hounds, 24 loons. Spells are, 4-6 hastes, 1 freeze, 1-2 rage

Once you have lvl7 loons and done with your initial GW upgrades, consider using 1 hound, 30 loons, 30 minions and CC hound instead. Much more flexible to hit collector bases as well

Valks. Mass valks or QW+valks are decent armies. They are considerably weaker but can hit collectors bases more easily. I like 13 valks + 4 healers or just 18 valks.

Giant+hog. This is an easy comp for collectors, 8 giants, 16 hogs, 30-40 gob, rest archers. Spells are 3-4 heals. Just hit dead bases and easily get the star for the loot bonus.

Recommended stay time:

87.5 days. Finish up your warden and your entire TH11 life would be so much easier with him around. Actually if you have loons lvl7 done, you can start playing casually and still progress decently well at TH11.